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 There are several different definitions for what defines "High Voltage": Depending on which application is being discussed, High Voltage may be a number anywhere from a few tens of volts all the way to several Kilovolts. The definition followed by PowerLabs is that High Voltage is any electric potential capable of producing breakdown in air at STP, or around 600volts. High Voltages can be used for a number of things: X-Ray generation, particle accelerators, LASERs, electromagnetic weapons, special effects, electrostatic cleaners, ozone generation, and so forth. Below you will find some of PowerLabs' research with High Voltage devices.

Tesla Coils:

PowerLabs Twin Tesla Coils arcing. Tesla Coils: Design and Theory behind Tesla Coils, a short bibliography on Nicola Tesla, and some of my Tesla Coil work to date. Features:
 Mini Tesla Coil!: My 1" diameter, 225Watts mini Tesla Coil project.
 Twin Tesla Coil system: A high efficiency Twin Tesla Coil standing one foot tall and powered by a 360W high voltage transformer. High-Quality
videos of the single and twin coils in action available for download!


Single Transistor Flyback Driver:

Flyback Driver arc at 40Kilovolts. Single Transistor Flyback Driver: "High Voltage/High frequency has never been easier!"... Up to 40kV at 300W, 20kHz. This is the most powerful fly back driver I am aware of. Here you will find the most comprehensive instructions anywhere to build you own fly back driver. Also includes suggestions for experiments. Videos and pictures of fly back arcing at maximum output and driving voltage multipliers and ion engines available for download!

Ignition Coil Drivers, Microwave Oven Transformers and a handheld 25KVDC generator:

Twin coil driver arcing. Ignition Coil Drivers: 555, MOSFET, Transistor and SCR based. Includes my own design employing an SCR to run up to 120Kilovolts, 5000 watts from two car ignition coils.
 The GEHEICSLR cup!: Who will beat the 13.25 inch spark length record for a single GM ignition coil?

Plasma Globes:

A 15cm diameter lightbulb being used as a plasma globe. Plasma Globes: "Like lightning in a bottle"... Learn how to make your own incredible interactive plasma displays! Design and theory of Plasma Globes (includes plasma physics) included here, as well as links to suitable power supplies within this page. (With Videos)
 PowerLabs 1foot (30cm) homebuilt plasma globe: (Preliminary Test
video available for download!).

Induction Heating:

Iron cylinder and coil used to electromagnetically heat it to its sintering point. PowerLabs induction heating: NEW! Experiments involving high frequency heating by electromagnetic induction at up to 5000W power.

Can Crusher:

Electromagnetically crushed can. The POWERLABS Electromagnetic Solid-State Can Crusher: Smash an aluminum can with no physical contact! Employing, for the first time, full solid state electronics! No noisy spark gaps or expensive high voltage capacitors! (Video)

Electrostatic Machines:

1' diameter Wimshurst Machine. Wimshurst Electrical Influence Machine Rebuild: My reconstruction project of a very large electrostatic machine capable of outputting over 250 000Volts, and a smaller classroom demo machine (both completed).

Water Atomization by Electrical Discharge:

Water Atomization by High Magnitude Electrical Impulses: A Study My IB Extended Research Essay: A study of the yet unexplained phenomena of water exploding when its dielectric breakdown is exceeded.

Voltage Multipliers:

Cascade schematic.The PowerLabs 200kV Voltage Multiplier project: High Voltage through a simple circuit incorporating only capacitors and diodes...

Marx Generators:

Marx Generator Schematic. The PowerLabs 400-Kilovolt Marx Generator: Under development.

Relevant Links:

The PowerLabs Rail Gun! Be sure to check out PowerLabs Electro Magnetic Weapons for various other uses for High Voltages, High Currents and High Voltage generators.


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